Bow Ties are hitting the sports world harder than ever this April.

The Memphis Grizzlies just announced that they will be giving away “Z Bow Ties” to the first 5,000 fans that enter the arena at their April 4th game against the Washington Wizards.  Now, you might be asking why it’s called the “Z Bow Tie?”  Well, this amazing bow tie is going to be covered with the face of the Grizzlies star player Zach Randolph!ByPepCHIMAAp-GTI think the Grizzlies are showing the world that you can bring some style into the sporting venues.  Regardless of whether you’re a Zach Randolph fan or even a Memphis Grizzlies Fan, you have to admit that you’d love to be seen rocking one of these ties!!!  I only wish Horse&Carriage had thought of it first.

The only bad part about this news is that I can’t stop thinking about who might be next and how many possibilities there are for athletes faces on bow ties!!!  Here are a few of the ones I’m pulling for:


The Bo Tie – Bo Jackson

The Bow Sox Tie - Boston Red Sox

The Bow Sox Tie – Boston Red Sox

The Jim Harbow - Jim Harbaugh

The Jim Harbow – Jim Harbaugh