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Bringing the gentleman back to bow ties

History of the Company

“Those who cannot learn from History are doomed to repeat it,” goes the saying.

Fine by us!

Here at Horse&Carriage we aspire to pull from the past and apply it to the present. Horse&Carriage was created with the desire to combine the class and style of the early 1900’s with the wearability of today.  By combining lush fabrics and timeless prints our desire is to bring back some of the old world charm, while still applying it freely to today’s fashions.  Now, layer in the desire that you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a fashionable, well designed item; that is Horse&Carriage.  And with our reversible styles, our customers are getting two bowties in one, not only creating more options for your wardrobe, but fewer pennies from your pocket.

From its beginning, Horse&Carriage’s main goal has been to provide a quality, well-built and versatile product at a price that makes sense for everyone.

Welcome to the past…The present’s classy friend.